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We encourage submissions from both the academia and the industry are sought of the following types:

a) original research work from authors in multiple fields,

b) ideas papers exploring challenges and research roadmaps for the technoeconomic analysis of cloud infrastructure and services,

c) case studies on successful business models to explore its potential.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

·         Innovative Business Models for the Cloud

·         Cloud Service Pricing

o   Price Indices for Cloud Services

o   IAAS, PAAS, SAAS pricing policies

o   Social surplus maximization

o   Real options

·         Investing on Cloud Infrastructures

o   Investment Models

o   Cost/Benefit Analysis

o   Revenue maximization

o   Service Demand and Return on Investment

o   Switching Costs

·         Cloud adoption and diffusion

o   Forecasting demand for cloud services

o   Forecasting users’ demand for resources

o   Strategy for Enterprise Business Transformation

o   Case studies

·         Cloud Service Cost Engineering

o   ROI analysis

o   Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis

o   Economy efficient use of the cloud

·         Modeling and Simulation of the Cloud

o   Infrastructure and Services

o   Client Behavior and Demand

o   Client – Provider Interaction

o   Large Scale Systems

o   The Cloud as a System-of-Systems

o   Game theory approaches

·         Cloud Brokering

o   Business models and brokering mechanisms

o   Value added services

o   Migration

o   Cloud brokering platforms

·         Cloud Service Composition

o   Combining Services from Multiple Providers

o   Optimizing Cost/Service Analysis

·         Case Studies and Experience Reports

o   Successful business models

o   Lessons Learned